Website Stuff

The stuff I deal with every day, splendid fantastical stuff full of acronyms that can make some peoples eyes glaze over within seconds. The sort of stuff with which I can baffle people with bullshit in no time whatsoever.

Some people own and drive cars and never lift the bonnet themselves. Reliability is entrusted to reputable mechanics, thats how I consider my own trade, I'm entrusted with a website so they don't have to worry about stuff...

...stuff like a WYSIWYG (what you see is what you get), HTML (hyper text markup language), Javascript, CSS (cascading style sheets), FTP (file transfer protocol), email account setups, domain registration, UDAI (unique domain authentication identifier), hosting, SEO (search engine optimisation), PHP (hypertext preprocessor), MySQL (structured query language, named after a developers daughter, My), LAMP (Linux, Apache HTTP Server, MySQL and PHP), and so on and so on and so forth....

And the remarkable thing is there is so much that I myself do not understand! The eventual realisation that I will never know it all was in fact liberating. A mechanic may not know how to refine hydrocarbons or build bearings but he knows the value of them and where they fit in the puzzle.

I draw pictures and write HTML.



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