Search Engine Optimisation

If your website was built by Site Productions then it's already optimised.

Search Engine Optimisation is an interesting line of business. People who guarantee results are on shaky ground I believe.

After all Google does not tell people exactly what they are doing to rank pages except to give hints as to how their patented PageRank works. They are currently the world leader in search and they are an entity unto themselves.

That said, there are ways to influence results, primarily through good and legitimate linking structures, clean HTML code, good and appropriate use of meta headings, title tags and heading tags within the page code. All those things are standard features of a Site Productions website.

There is an 'X' factor involved however. It's the engagement of the visitor to your site. Good looking sites that load quickly and capture visitors will help PageRank and here's why I think that is...

I believe an important part of their ranking system is timing people. Online users have a unique IP number that identifies them upon arrival at the Google home pages around the world. The users search a phrase and are presented with a page of results, they click a result, if that is not what they wanted they return to Google to try another one. When they do not return to the results page they must theoretically at least have found the pages they wanted for their specific search phrase. Do the maths on millions of requested phrases and whammo! Give the people what they want.

"Here, have US$100,000 and start a corporation." said Andy Bechtolsheim.

With this in mind meta headings should match page content giving users the expected products, answers or information. And if not then a quality links page would have a similiar effect, by leading users on to their desired goals, without returning to Google.

It is not an exact science and its the users themselves that may ultimately be influencing results. This fits with what I have witnessed during my involvement with HTML and the internet since 1998.

If I did not build your website and you let me know about your site it would only take a few minutes to see if I could assist in optimising your website search engine rankings.



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